Going Back To School: Is it Possible?

Going Back To School: Is it Possible?

Whether you’re already thinking of going back to college or still weighing the options, the decision can be daunting. You may be wondering if it’s worth the time and investment or if it’s even possible to balance full-time career. No matter what your concerns may be, the answers are available to put your mind at ease.

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1: Is it even possible?

There are a number of things to consider when making this decision, such as: your reasons for going back or starting, the pros and cons, tuition and other expenses, if the school is the right fit for you, and if it has your desired degree programs.

Though you may feel like you’re in unknown territory, guidance is only a call away, especially at the Midlothian Higher Education Center (MHEC). MHEC is a multiple-path education center comprised of three well-known colleges and universities that each have a location in Midlothian. MHEC offers two complete degree paths at Tarleton State University and Texas A&M University-Commerce, and one Associate Degree path at Navarro College. Each college and university has multiple programs and concentrations, which gives students a wide variety of options.


MHEC is an easy and affordable solution to obtaining a higher education. We offer the chance to exceed business workforce requirements, continue a valuable education, and improve sought-after industry skills.

2: What are my options?

If you’re looking to maintain your current career around Midlothian, while also focusing on expanding your education, there’s a solution. MHEC offers a variety of scheduling options and programs that work around your life. With guidance from MHEC, you can think through whether you want to enter a multi-year program, or enroll in a shorter, accelerated program. You also have the option to take part-time, full-time, or online courses.


Between the three paths, we offer 16 degree programs ranging from nursing, childhood development, psychology, criminal justice, and business administration—just to name a few. View the full list of degree programs offered at MHEC. If you don’t see your dream degree, let us know; we’re always open to expanding and enhancing our degree programs to reflect the demands of our students.

It’s easy to get your Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s at MHEC. Start with lower level courses at Navarro College to complete your Associate Degree. Then, jump right into your Bachelor’s degree at Tarleton State University or Texas A&M University-Commerce. Condensed Master’s programs are offered at Tarleton State University and Texas A&M University-Commerce as well. Transfer credit hours over seamlessly or start fresh with your higher education path—either way we offer flexibility and quality for adult working professionals.

3: How does it work?

Midlothian Higher Education Center functions as a stress-free, affordable, and flexible option for adult working professionals who care about furthering their education and career. From night classes that condense semesters to professors who have been in their student’s shoes before, MHEC provides a quality learning environment that doesn’t interfere with work and life—one that comes from a place of understanding your unique academic needs.


At any time, you can feel free to take full advantage of low-pressure learning opportunities, such as refresher classes, to get to know the academic environment. Work with advisors to customize your schedule according to your learning and personal needs. If needed, opt to take night classes if they correspond with your work and life schedule in a more appealing manner.

It’s important to have a strong line of communication with your family, boss, and counselors at your university about your situation. College can be stressful for students of all ages, so it’s best to have people on your side.

Contact an advisor at the Midlothian Higher Education Center to connect to your academic future and for more information today. We’re happy to answer any other questions you may have!


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