5 Reasons to Further Your Education

5 Reasons to Further Your Education


Considering going back to school? We’ve got you covered. You may be balancing the pros and cons of the matter, but can’t seem to quite to talk yourself in one direction. While there’s a lot to consider, embracing your education can have some significant benefits. Take a look at our top five reasons why you should further your education:

1. More Money

According to the United States Census Bureau, a professional with a bachelor’s degree will make an average of approximately $400 more per week than coworkers who possess only a high school diploma. Multiplied over 40 years, this is over $800,000 in additional wages. Moreover, a degree opens up new opportunities, allowing for even more earning potential.

2. Networking

By getting to know new people, an array of opportunities will come your way. College is the best and most accessible way to meet likeminded people in related fields. Between classes and event fairs, there’s plenty of opportunity to learn from your peers and define your path. You’re bound to meet interesting people with stories and experience that can add to your  wealth of knowledge!

3. Career Change

Maybe you’ve felt bored or stuck doing the same job for the last five or ten years. Now you have the perfect opportunity to be a part of something that will lead you to career satisfaction! As you pursue higher education you will be exposed to new fields of study, and may discover that your chosen field, while interesting at one point, is not your dream career.

For example, you may be attending school for an agribusiness degree  and discover that you are more interested in pursuing the economics sides, easily adapt classes to study agricultural economics or even consider a degree that will prepare you for manufacturing and industrial management jobs if you find an entire new field intriguing.

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The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree in Manufacturing and Industrial Management at Tarleton State University is a flexible program that allows you to advance in your career by utilizing your occupational experience.

4. Showcase Work Ethic

The completion of a degree tells employers a number of things about you. It shows that you can work independently, that you’re ambitious, and that you can learn new skills and develop your talents. These attributes are desired by employers and hiring managers, increasing your ability to land a promotion or transition into a new career.

5. Self-Enrichment

Remember the last time you accomplished something rewarding? It may have been your last degree or completing a rather difficult project at work. You probably experienced a feeling of overwhelming personal fulfillment by overcoming the challenge. Instead of constantly talking about going back to school, actually doing so is the first step on your path to self-enrichment.

Convinced by the reasons above, but don’t know where to start when it comes to getting back into education? Well we’ve got you covered. Browse our degree catalog to find your perfect fit, and remember, regardless of age, financial situation or time restraints—you can go back to school.